3 Decades of photos


I created this web site for the purpose of posting some of my photography on line: selected photographs from five photo essays that I created between 1980 – 2014. There is a link above to take you there.

Here is some information about me:
I graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in anthropology and sociology in 1980. In January 1981 I entered the VISTA Volunteer program where I learned the skills of a community organizer. I worked for a newly forming community organization, Pico Neighborhood Association in Santa Monica, California. As the staff photographer I documented the growth and impact that comes when a large group of people work to bring about change. From 1980 – 1997 I worked in a number of capacities as a community organizer; housing organizer; program developer; fund raiser; and administrator. Coinciding with my work as an organizer I freelanced as a news photojournalist, and was published in national and local news papers and books.

1987 – 1989 I had the opportunity to manage the Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica and later assisted in developing The Midnight Special Bookstore, Cultural Center.

1997 – 2000 I went back to school to learn about “new media,” web design and digital technology. I attend the Academy of Entertainment and Technology: a newly formed professional school at Santa Monica Community College. I graduated with a degree in “interactive media.”

From 2001 to the present I have designed and continue to design web sites; digitize black and white negatives, color negative and slide films; digitize VHS tapes to DVD; participate as an expert opinion in technology oriented focus groups; and continue to work on an interactive web site: “Intersections: portraits of neighborhoods,” which continues to evolve and expand!

In 2015 I was awarded the prestigious “Amazing Women” award by the Press Telegram in the category of Arts and Culture  for the work accomplished through the “Intersections: Portraits of Neighborhoods” project.